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Andreas Ditte, Data Scientist

Elevator pitch

I am an upcoming data scientist with deep knowledge in machine learning and data management. I have a M. Sc. in Physics and am currently working as a Senior Consultant for big data and advanced analytics.

On the edge of data, machine learning and the human being I use my creativity and ingenuity to realise purposeful AI use cases.

This professional website contains my use cases for AI, learning journal and the volunteer work I have done.

If my work interests you, feel free to contact me. You can find me on Medium, Xing, GitHub and Twitter.

In detail

Keen Scientist

Extracting meaningful insights and finding actual new opportunities is a tough task in a competitive market. Finding some promising effect in data is one thing – validating, if it’s real and if it has the potential to bring value to the company, is a whole different ordeal. Effects must be reproducible from different points of view, tests must be designer, performed and evaluated, own biases must be recognised and kept in check, and the list goes on.

The mindset above cannot be learned from a coursera course in a week or two. It is the result of a multiple years long learning process and a lot of hard work. In order to obtain my Master of Science in Physics I studied for more than 6 years at the University of Hamburg and got this scientific mindset engraved into my very being.

This scientific approach and my naturally pronounced curiosity are the driving forces, that pushed me to the field of Data Science.

Change maker

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This famous quote, often credited to Mahatma Gandhi, definitely left its mark on me. Improvement begins in the immediate world around one self, and so I try to do my part: be it fairtrade coffee at the supermarket, volunteering for an NGO, enforcing Git flows at work or taking ownership of a technology.

When I see a way to improve things, I call it, stand up to and defend it – in my private and just so in my professional life.


On my way to Mont Croce, Italy.

My curiosity naturally led me to a lot of interesting places, resulting with time in a wish to travel and experience the world. While I am willing to agree on a hotel vacation with the right person, I vastly prefer nontraditional vacation spots and tours off the beaten track.

How will be the view from that hill over there? What is here to discover, where only few people look? These question push me up mountains, along coasts and towards new technologies.

The arts: music

Curious and imaginative – these traits breed a certain kind of creativity. One of the harder tasks for me was to focus on a few of my many interests. In order to enjoy some things in life, one has to invest time and work to obtain an understanding and an appreciation of the arts.

The central art form, that kept me company over the years, is music. Whether it was old playlist (kinda like a music diary), new rock/metal bands, attaining an orchestral performance or starting to learn the Violoncello as a grown up. The process of creating something so beautiful and versatile, yet so fragile and easy to subside has fascinated me from my early years as a teenager.

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