Week 19: End of the Week Update

This weeks learnings come from starting the second use case for the portfolio page, working for Seebrücke and getting down some bigger picture plans.


  • Requirements engineering: While assessing the requirements and performing a first evaluations of the solution space I realised that BI Solutions are quite expensive overall. The cheapest solutions with a complete feature set came at about 70 Euro per month per user.
    This made also way for the next learning: For small scope problems there exist way easier solutions than enterprise grade ones.
  • Connecting twitter to azure requires a running server somewhere. With a configured twitter app from the developer account there still needs to be a process somewhere that extracts (consumes) the tweets and sends them somewhere. This process needs to be running permanently for aggregation. Maybe this site can be used? Further investigation is required.
  • Sentiment analysis in German is tough to find, but possible. I did find 2 – 3 sites and python packages that offer this feature and aren’t too outdated (two years).
  • In order to extract information about hate in tweets sentiment analysis is not enough. Azures content moderation API would more useful, but limited in the number of free monthly requests (ca. 167 per day). Paid request would end up very expensive.
    Python packages performing similar tasks were not findable in German.
  • Need to get clear plans: What do I want broad stroke wise? I want build portfolio projects to learn, I want to convert them somehow into income streams and I want to get away from working for money to making money work for me.
    I need to find a management solution for overview. Using a small notebooks is not a working solution for me.

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