Week 33: End of the week update

Current project

Right now I am working on a smaller scope project, to create some content and go back to generating value. With swagger and Azure Functions I am currently building an API that makes my data from all portfolio cases accessible to everyone. Finer details like limiting the number of executions or authentication are consuming some time, but the API is already taking shape.

Future plans

Credit: https://unsplash.com/@silverhousehd

After dabbling a little with crypto currencies on coinbase, I noticed the lack of an incredible base feature: point in time of a transaction and the amount of coins purchased including the price per coin are NOT tracked on the platform itself. I receive a mail for each transaction, but to have an actual overview of my gains and losses I would have to track it on a spreadsheet. In the year 2021!

Hence I want to build a small platform, which lets you input your past orders and then show you, what your current gains and losses are.

Next step would be notifications on severe drops or gains in value and maybe even a “sell now” alarm via App directly to your smartphone.

And as a final step the implementation of a predicting algorithm, which sends mails like “Coin X is likely to raise above 10% within the next hour”.

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High level thoughts on writing

On a broader scale I want to invest more time in my writing. From all the different paths, I tried so far, writing has been generating the most attention and has also been the most gratifying. It does take a lot of energy though to generate content, that I am – hehe – content with.

I want to start developing my skill by means of volume and adjust the quality along the way. So be excited for more regular updates: new portfolio cases, posts and Medium articles!

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